Thresholds Weekly

Thresholds Weekly

July 2018

The Writing Life: 5 Reasons to Create a Writing Space

It’s true you can write anywhere. All you need is a pen and paper. Or a laptop and an outlet. But without an intentional writing space you can feel creatively drained or overwhelmed by the blank page. In this article I will share my 5 reasons you should create a writing space of your own.

Field Guide For Life: Start Where You Are

So many of us feel overwhelmed by the thought of self improvement or working through a difficult challenge. Maybe this is you. I know that I have felt this same overwhelm. Some common questions when beginning to work with oneself are these: Where do I begin? How do I know that I am on the right track? Is anything I am doing working? In this week’s article I share with you the importance of starting right where you are and why this is so commonly overlooked as a beginning point.

Archetypes: Working With the Victim

We have all experienced that crippling feeling of helplessness, such as getting lost in a new city, an illness that cannot be diagnosed, a partner who announces he or she is no longer in love with you. We know the shock of a violation, whether it is realizing the TSA went through your luggage, someone stealing your wallet to being physically attacked. In this article I will discuss the nature of the Victim Archetype and while it is a painful archetype to confront and manage, hidden in its depths is a great gift.

Thresholds Weekly

August 2018

The Writing Life: What is Your Process?

Many of us approach our writing process as if it is a mystery, something we fall into like love or fate but can never truly understand or analyze. We wait for the muse to arouse our creativity, for inspiration to strike us like a bolt of lightning. And it does. Occasionally. But most of the time it is an inner process that can be observed, analyzed and refined. In this article I will share how discovering your own unique creative process can liberate you from old beliefs and allow you to write freely and more productively. 

Field Guide For Life: Discover Your Dark Side

We all know that we have dark side but most of us prefer to ignore it or distance ourselves from it through all manner of effort. But it seems that no matter how hard we try, temptation and negative proclivities arise when we least expect them to do so. But what if we moved toward the darkness with intention and curiosity? It is, after all, our own darkness, an aspect of our own being and psyche. In this week’s article I will share with you the value of discovering your darkness and learning to walk in the shadow.

Archetypes: The Child Archetype

Even though we all eventually mature into adults, a part of us remains a child. That part of us is eternally connected to joy, spontaneity, simplicity and innocence. For some of us, those childlike feelings might feel impossibly distant and for others easily accessed. Learning to tap into this archetype can be life altering. In this article we will explore the different types of Child Archetypes, discovering the motivations at the heart of this primal archetype.

Thresholds Weekly

September 2018

The Writing Life: Working With Memory

Writing memoir can be challenging, especially when our memories feel uncertain. Memoir is nonfiction, after all, and writers have a responsibility to their readers to tell the truth. But is memory true? Can we write about a remembered incident even when we don’t have the facts? What if someone else remembers the incident differently? How can we deal with partial memories? In this week’s article we will explore some of the many ways to work within the limitations of memory to create compelling nonfiction and what we can do when we question the validity of remembered events.

Field Guide For Life: Stand in Your Emptiness

Human beings, are by nature, social creatures. We crave connection with others and find being alone for too long, uncomfortable. So the idea of emptiness is often associated with loneliness or loss. There is a natural impulse to fill up, what is empty. But emptiness is necessary for growth, for balance and even relief of pain. In this week’s article we will explore the concept of emptiness and how learning to be in that uncomfortable space we can discover a source of personal power and confidence. Standing in your emptiness can offer powerful insights and deeper self-awareness.

Archetypes: Saboteur the Secret Archetype

The archetype of the saboteur is one that is difficult to discern. Like its name, it operates in secret and is often unrecognized. Everyone has an inner saboteur and we use the common language of this archetype on a regular basis, such as “I need to get out of my own way,” or “I want to change but I can’t because . . .” and other such examples. Like all archetypes it has a light and a shadow, the shadow element is sabotage, the light element is protection. In this week’s article we will explore the ways in which the saboteur/protector archetype operates in the underworld of the psyche.